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Big D And The Kids Table / Doped Up Dollies Rare Breed Subscription Ala Carte
Rare Breed A La Carte Chris DeMakes 7" Flexi Disc
Rare Breed A La Carte Matt Embree 7" Flexi Disc (Limited to 135) Black
Obi Fernandez Rare Breed Flexi Subscription Ala Carte
The Slackers Rare Breed Flexi Subscription Ala Carte
Straight Jacket Legends - Go Bananas
Straight Jacket Legends - "She'll Never Be Mine" - Free Song!
The Pomps - "She Bangs The Drums" (The Stone Roses) Free Download!
The Pomps - Indie Rock is Dying
Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra - S/T EP
The Attack - "Four of a Kind" Flexi Disc
Paper + Plastick / Rare Breed Recording Co. Spring/Summer 2016 Sampler
The Bennies - "Party Machine" - Free Download!
The Attack - Old, New, and Soon To Be Released- Free Download!
The Slackers - "Truth Comes Knocking" - Free Download
Hearts-Knives-Skulls Shirt ( White )
Hearts-Knives-Skulls Shirt ( Black )
The Red Owls- Do You Feel Any Better? CD/EP + Digital Download
Jukebox 101 EP 1
P+P Logo - Bar Key
Brooklyn Attractors "Live In NYC" Digital
Phone Home- "Heights" Digital Download
Harker - A Lifetime Apart
Class of '86 - Future on Fire
The Helltons - Dead Wrong 10"
Donuts Donuts Donuts
Enamel Pins