Red City Radio - The Dangers of Standing Still Digital Only (MP3 or FLAC)


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Recorded with Stephen Egerton (of Descendents and All) in the summer of 2010 at his Armstrong Recordings studio in Tulsa, OK, The Dangers Of Standing Still features Red City Radio’s gruff, hook-laden blend of punk rock. “On the new album, we don't think there will be a huge sonic departure from our EP [We Are The Sons of Woody Guthrie], though it will sound a little more polished,” comments guitarist/vocalist Paul Pendley. “For the most part, the songs follow a similar template as our EP - big choruses, big hooks, but with some new surprises.” From the ringing of the first guitar chords of album opener “An Introduction Of Sorts” to the climactic ending of closer “Nathaniel Martinez,” it is impossible to resist the band’s ability to write infectious, shout-along songs, transcended only by the quartet’s live show. Alternative Press recently donned the album with a 4/5 star review and commented "[The Dangers Of Standing Still is] an incredibly impressive and ambitious debut album. Dominated by raucous, gruff-voiced sing-alongs that are as catchy as they are brash and as anthemic as they are rebellious, this album is the product of four songwriters sharing an undeterred sense of purpose and being.”