Greenland Is Melting / Jon Gaunt - Split 7" Vinyl / Digital Download


Available in 7" vinyl (comes with immediate digital download) and digital download only.

Gainesville's LeadUsDown blog had this to say about the split.

"Greenland is Melting is one of those rare bands that gets noticeably better with every record. They’re really perfecting that dirty bluegrass sound. Every time I think they’ve reached their pinnacle, they release an even better record. They sound like a couple of punk rockers stumbling out of the swamp after a late night party. I picture them sitting around a campfire singing along to a banjo and passing a jug."

"Jon Gaunt reminds me of a young Tom Petty with a fiddle. His songs bring a darker and more serious tone to the record... Listening to this EP makes me wonder why Gaunt has spent so much of his time backing up other great bands instead of leading his own."

Pressing Information

Splatter 252
Khaki Green 272