Junior Battles - "Idle Ages" CD

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Junior Battles - "Idle Ages" CD

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“…this quartet is on the fast path to becoming one of the major staples of the ever expanding pop-punk scene… The single best thing about Idle Ages is that even though the group switches up their styles on many tracks, the album never loses that sincere angst and never misses a beat with its energy… Junior Battles have created an album that reminds you of why you loved this genre so much in the first place.” – AbsolutePunk.net

“The band is adept at drawing out nostalgia and emotions from listeners, both with honest, raw vocals meshing with in-your-face instrumentation and sincere personal lyrics that read like an open journal to the world.” – MindEqualsBlown.net


  1. Seventeen
  2. Twenty Five
  3. Nostalgic At 23
  4. "Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Cheated?"
  5. Birthday Parties VS Punk Routine
  6. Alternate 1985
  7. Send The Pilots Away
  8. Architecture
  9. With Honours
  10. Living In The Future Of Feelings/No Plan
  11. Passing Out
  12. Radio

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