"Are You With The Band?" Digital Download

"Are You With The Band?" Digital Download

Female-Fronted Pop-Punk Compilation

The impact of women such as Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, Donita Sparks, and Kathleen Hanna on modern music is undeniable and can be felt decades after they first broke onto the scene. The ability of these women to challenge societal norms and not only cross, but smash gender boundaries in music rewrote the rock ‘n roll history books, and have inspired generations of women to pick up a microphone or instrument and do what they love to do. So why, nearly thirty years later, are women still queried “Are you with the band?” Curated by Lauren Denitzio, former vocalist/guitarist of New Brunswick pop-punk band The Measure [sa], Paper + Plastick Records is proud to release the all female-fronted pop-punk compilation Are You With The Band? on October 4th. All proceeds from the sale of the compilation will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

A dozen of the seventeen tracks on Are You With The Band? are previously unreleased, and feature a diverse line up, from pop-punk (The Measure [sa], Slingshot Dakota, No More) to indie rock (P.S. Eliot, Noun) to straight up punk rock (Dead Dog, Shellshag). Though the bands may cross multiple genres, Denitzio surmises “We are women who play music, put out records, put on shows, make flyers and zines, create cover art, and support our scenes. We are far from alone anymore and this LP is meant to celebrate that.”

Punkmusic.about.com praised the compilation, saying "It stands up as a great introduction to a ton of great female-fronted bands, and points out that there are a lot of very talented women in music that have nothing in common aside from their basic body parts."

Pressing Information

Track Listing

1. Aye Nako – Bent Out Of Shape *
2. Cheeky – Two Face
3. Black Rainbow – Make Amends *
4. Dead Dog – Couch *
5. Sourpatch – Things You Say *
6. Little Lungs – Things Fall Apart
7. Slingshot Dakota – Michael Jordan Saved My Life
8. The Measure [sa] – Stop Calling *
9. The New Dress – Hey Kid *
10. No More – Flatland *
11. Noun – TV Shows *
12. The Two Funerals – Too Late *
13. Shellshag – Crybaby *
14. The Homewreckers – Uncontrolable Decay *
15. P.S. Eliot – Entendre *
16. WITCHES – Grey
17. Full of Fancy – The Needle and the Damage Done *
*un-released recording

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