Make Do and Mend - End Measured Mile LP/CD


This 12" vinyl record comes with an immediate digital download.

Since there are so many variations of the third press, we decided to make it have its very own product page. For this pressing, we have six variations that sort of revolve around the colors orange, red, yellow and pink. We divided them into six variants, but more than any pressing we have, each of the individual pieces are unique. You could order two of the same variant and end up with two vinyl that look very different. But you could order two separate variants and get to vinyl that look eerily similar. Here's the rundown:

- Clear orange w/pink spiderweb haze - 19. The only clear variant.
- Red/Yellow/Orange Volcano - 97. A mix of those three colors. This is where every single one can look pretty different. Some of them really look like an eruption.
- Magma red - 77. Kind of similar to the volcano, but these are darker red and have less mix of the other colors. Closer to a base color.
- Hot pink with orange haze - 19. Pink is the base color...streaks and hazes of orange thrown in.
- Dark yellow w/orange and red streaks - 57. These variants have yellow as the base color with some red and orange thrown in - some of these are like the volcano ones a bit.
- Solid orange with pink haze - 203. Orange is the base color, with hazes and streaks of pink thrown in. praised "End Measured Mile," saying, "It's a great way to wrap up what will surely serve as MDAM's coming-out party for those unfamiliar with the band, and sheer confirmation for those of us who knew they were something special all along."

1. Unknowingly Strong
2. Oak Square
3. Ghostal
4. Transparent Seas
5. For A Dreamer
6. Stand Stagger
7. Keep This
8. Thanks
9. Firewater
10. Night's The Only Type of Day