Brian McGee - The Taking or the Leaving


The Taking or The Leaving, Brian McGee's raucous and heartfelt sophomore LP was released in October 2010. This album hearkens back to a time in musical history when the blues, R&B, and country genres were being bent into rock and roll. He taps this moment with a sharp, modern awareness,that allows him to tell new stories, void of clichés. Listeners familiar with 2008’s eponymous release Brian McGee & The Hollow Speed, will still hear McGee’s familiar vocal style, oft-described as howling and whiskey soaked, raw and vulnerable. But on this record, the guitars are louder, the singing is stronger and the fiddles and banjos are traded for pedal steel and Hammond B-3 organ. said "A bit more refined and a bit less raucous (although still pretty damn raucous) than his last release, The Taking or the Leaving is a testament to the musical growth of one of Asheville's favorite artists," about McGee's "The Taking or the Leaving."

***NOTE: This record comes with a download card as well.