Gamits / Red City Radio Split 7" - Vinyl/Digital


This split comes from Red City Radio and The Gamits. One new song from each band and one cover song. This is the digital-only order page.

For Red City Radio, "We Know Who We Are, Who the Fuck Are You?" is a new track following in the footsteps of their acclaimed full-length, "The Dangers of Standing Still." Meanwhile, "Little Fighter" is a cover originally performed by White Lion.

On The Gamits' songs, "Play Attention" is the new original, while "Hanging On the Telephone" is a cover originally written by Jack Lee/The Nerves, but popularized by Blondie a couple of years later.

1. We Know Who We Are, Who The Fuck Are You? - Red City Radio
2. Little Fighter - Red City Radio
3. Play Attention - The Gamits
4. Hanging On the Telephone - The Gamits