What's Eating Gilbert - The Nashville Session


This is the brand-new release from What's Eating Gilbert - the solo project of New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert. In the drop-down menu, you can select either a digital download by itself or a 7"vinyl record that comes with immediate digital download sent to you via email.

The Nashville Session is a two-song EP and 7" that is the fourth release from Chad's side project. It was produced by Chad Gilbert & Jon Howard at The Anchor Room in Nashville, Tenn., and is the first WEG release since late 2010.

Although the project began as an outlet for Gilbert to release his songs for free online, the reaction to the music was immense and lead to physical releases. The Nashville Session has two brand-new songs that match up pound-for-pound with Gilbert’s best work. Featuring the characteristic ‘50s-style pop sounds of the What’s Eating Gilbert discography and infusing a pop-punk tilt from Gilbert’s career with New Found Glory, increased production value on The Nashville Session makes it the best What’s Eating Gilbert release to date. Female vocal harmonies in the background in the vein of Motown/Stax artists offer a new depth for the songs. Although the release is only two songs long, it’s one to spin over and over again.

Pressing Information

Solid Red - 250
Solid Blue Powder - 250