Flatfoot 56 - Toil (CD, MP3, FLAC)


Flatfoot 56's new LP, titled Toil, came out on July 24, 2012. In the drop-down menu, you can select to order either a CD (comes with immediate digital download) or just the download by itself.

Flatfoot 56 may have suggested that TOIL would be less raucous than previous albums, but the band’s well-noted hardcore-tinged sound is still present. “Brother, Brother” starts fast and never slows down, a blisteringly paced barnburner of an opening track, carried by McMahon’s bagpipes, aggressive yells, dirty guitars and a huge chorus. Meanwhile, other tracks like first single “I Believe It” showcase a more rootsy, folk-oriented side of the band. Gang vocals and pounding drums allow Flatfoot 56 to retain its signature sound throughout the album.