Russ Rankin - Farewell Catalonia


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Farewell Catalonia is Russ Rankin's first solo record, but you probably know him from being the frontman of Good Riddance or one of his other awesome bands. This isn't really what you'd expect from a punk guy gone solo, but it's definitely awesome.

"Russ Rankin is undoubtedly one of the most influential front men from the last 20 years of punk music. Rankin made a name for himself by being perhaps the most straight arrow frontman, extolling the values of being straight edge, vegan and even avoiding promiscuity. What always made Rankin unique is his ability to take these traditionally nerdy or unmasculine topics and not only make them interesting but make them dangerous .... With 2012's Farewell Catalonia, Rankin attempts to bring his trademark rasp and songwriting to a more nuanced and subtle side of music, ditching throat tearing shouts for melodies and a barrage of hardcore for a far more traditional rock sound." -

Pressing Information

500 Turquoise and Yellow Haze
280 Red and Yellow Mix