Andrew Dost - Columbus LP

  • Andrew Dost - Columbus LP

Andrew Dost - Columbus LP

This is the LP order page for Andrew Dost's Columbus. Listen to the album above and read more about it below.

After leaving ANATHALLO and before joining FUN, Andrew Dost went on a quest, a trip back to his college days when he penned a rough play about Christopher Columbus, dusting off songs he assembled them onto protools in unique places bathrooms to churches, with help from friends and family and tour mates he made the collection of songs come alive.

"Dost has proven the strength and charm of his abilities the first time around. For something clever and different, you can’t do much better than Columbus." -


  1. Overture (Come Morning, Come Morning)
  2. Hey Columbus!
  3. Behold, It Is Round!
  4. What’s an Adventure Without a Crew?
  5. Goodbye
  6. Sailing Song (Weight and Sea)
  7. We’re Setting Sail!
  8. Adventure and Shenanigans
  9. The Adventurers Question Their Adventure
  10. Dude! I Can See Land!
  11. Welcome to Our Native Land
  12. Let’s Start a Nation!
  13. The World Is Flat
  14. One-Man Mutiny/The Salt of the Sea
  15. Dude! I Can See Land! Again!
  16. I’ve Got a Feeling
  17. Hey Columbus! You’re Back!

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