Tin Horn Prayer - Grapple The Rails (Vinyl, MP3, FLAC)


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Grapple The Rails is Tin Horn Prayer's second full-length record and their first for Paper + Plastick Records. The six-piece indie/folk band is from Denver and I don't know what to say about them other than you just need to listen to them to experience it. Grapple The Rails is rootsy and folky, yeah, but Tin Horn Prayer gets the message across in a way that punk rock fans will identify with and recognize immediately. They aren't really like Frank Turner, and they aren't really like Larry And His Flask, but I guess they kind of are like both of those bands a little bit.

I think Eric Eyl of The Denver Post, when he reviewed Tin Horn Prayer's 2010 album"Get Busy Dying," did as good a job as anyone can do describing this band's sound: “…filled with beer-soaked anger, wine-soaked misery and whiskey-soaked regret. The music staggers and struts like the guy at the end of the bar who started the night looking for love, but is now just looking for a fight. It’s raucous, ramshackle and raw, but the veterans in Tin Horn Prayer have the songwriting sophistication, expert showmanship and musical chops to pull it off.”

Grapple The Rails is even better than that, which sounds pretty awesome on its own, so I'd recommend checking this one out. Available in vinyl and digital formats. Pressing info is below.

Pressing Information

250 Grey Blue Marble
250 Grey Blue Splatter