Coffee Project - Moved On (Digital Only)

  • Coffee Project - Moved On (Digital Only)

Coffee Project - Moved On (Digital Only)

This is the order page for the digital-only version of Coffee Project's Moved On. Listen to the album above and read more about it below.

"....Gainesville, Fla., has long been a hotbed for talented musicians, and two veterans of that scene have come together to form Coffee Project. The duo, consisting of Jake Crown (Rehasher) on vocals, guitar and harmonica, and Buddy Schaub (Less Than Jake) on trombone, guitar and vocals, play simple but catchy folk pop, much in the same vein as acts like Andrew Jackson Jihad. Moved On is the band’s highly infectious debut full-length, following up the enjoyable Easy Does It EP and Pickle EP..." -


  1. Easy Does It
  2. I Will Run
  3. Oh Sweet Pickle
  4. Empty Bottles of Foxhorn
  5. Bubble In My Head
  6. The Everlasting Trip
  7. This Is Me Getting Over You In Two Chords Or Less
  8. Goodbye To You
  9. The Adventures Of Picke
  10. Deal Me In
  11. Big Trouble In Little Gainesville

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