The Moms - Viva! 7"

  • The Moms - Viva! 7
  • The Moms - Viva! 7

The Moms - Viva! 7"

This 7" is The Moms' first release on Paper + Plastick Records. When you purchase the physical EP, you will also get an immediate digital download sent to your email inbox. The street date is August 27 but these are shipping immediately!

From the underground dark dingy basements of New Jersey comes asshole hoodlum punks The Moms, composed of vocalist/guitarist Joey Nester, bassist Jon Stolpe and drummer Donny Saraceno. This EP is a crystallization of the bands frenetic energy and diverse influences into a sophisticated sound that can’t easily be categorized but can easily be enjoyed.

Side A:
1. Bedtime
2. Viva!

Side B:
1. Train Station
2. Arrest Me

Pressing Information

250 - Ultra Clear with Yellow Splatter

The Moms tour dates:

10/17/13 McNeil’s Tavern North Providence, RI
10/19/13 University of New Haven New Haven CT
10/20/13 The Mill Hill Trenton NJ
10/26/13 Swayze’s Marietta Georgia
10/28/13 Evolution Records Lakeland Florida
10/31-11/3/13 The Fest Gainesville Florida
11/6/13 The Cavern Russellville Arkansas
11/10/13 The Compound Alamogordo New Mexico
11/23/13 Quenchers Saloon Chicago Illinois
11/25/13 Toepfer House Warren Michigan
11/27/13 Buzzbin Magazine Art & Music Shop

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