Pentimento - Inside The Sea


You're looking at the order page for Pentimento's Inside The Sea EP. It's four songs long. It's a 10" vinyl record (oooo so rare!).

Inside The Sea is the follow-up to Pentimento's self-titled debut record, which we put out on vinyl earlier this year. You guys seemed to love here's more songs from the band!

All orders come with a digital download of the EP. We have a few preorder bundles available as well. The flag is 3-feet by 5-feet with grommets for hanging. It will feature the third image you see to your left. The fourth image is the full album art!

Pressing Information

Second Pressing:
220 - Dusty Blue w/ White Splatter
260 - Translucent Mauve

First Pressing:
100 - Black
200 - Translucent Red
300 - Aqua w/ White Splatter
400 - Half Grimace Purple / Half Grey

***The translucent red can only be purchased in a bundle with the flag.