The Shell Corporation - Mandrake

April 2 update: Vinyl pre-order up now! We are anticipating to get test presses on April 12, so final product should be in hand by mid-May or so barring any unforeseen complications. We apologize for the delay on this vinyl pre-order and thank everyone for their patience. Luckily it's going to be so worth the wait!

This is the purchase page for The Shell Corporation's new full-length album, Mandrake. Whether you buy a $5 digital download or an LP, you'll get a download link immediately.

The Shell Corporation is recommended for fans of Bad Religion, Propagandhi, The Clash, Anti-Flag, No Use For A Name, or any punk rock with a melodic sensibility.

Stream the album below!

Pressing Information

200 - Olive Green w/White Splatter 12"
300 - Olive Green w/Purple Haze 12"