The Dopamines - Expect The Worst (Digital Only)

  • The Dopamines - Expect The Worst (Digital Only)

The Dopamines - Expect The Worst (Digital Only)

Released: June 28, 2010

From the banks of the Ohio river, The Dopamines take what they love from the new wave of pop punk and form a style all their own. 25 minutes of no bullshit influenced by 90's Lookout and Minneapolis punk. Buy them a beer.

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"The array of bands belting out self-deprecating, powerchord-fuelled, melodic punk rock is seemingly never ending, yet Ohio’s The Dopamines have taken all the genre’s best bits on ‘Expect The Worst’ and given it their own unique tilt. With its ragged vocal harmonies, hooks to land a Great White and witty lyrical content, ‘October 24th’ epitomises the album’s sound.."


"..No-frills, high-octane pop punk has been raising its head in the last couple of hears, spearheaded by the likes of Teenage Bottlerocket, The Hextalls, and of course, the band in question, The Dopamines. There's no bullshit to be found on "Expect The Worst", just consistent energy levels and pace, melodic guitars, sing-alongable chorus, and lots and lots of fun, as evident in lyrics like "Everybody’s got a masters degree / in telecommunicationary tactic / with a minor in therapy / a mix when injected produces an asshole". Whoa-whoas are all over the place, and in general "Expect The Worst" is a candidate for the ultimate feel-good record of 2010. It's one of those records where the word commercialism feels completely alien, as opposed to words like passionate, genuine, unserious, and honest, which are all needed in connection with anything The Dopamines. The band's own description of themselves says a lot: "We're a punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio. We don't have cool hair cuts."

Scene point blank

"..What is striking about the Dopamines is the integrity and emotion that drives their songs. “My life’s not in a bank/gaining interest, losing interest/it’s in the van, in this can,” Jon Weiner sings in “June 4th.” Similarly, songs about friendship and drinking (and drinking again) fill much of the thematic content with a bit of playfulness to the tone. By the time of the “I’ll never buy 30 Keystone Lights again” lyric in “June 4th,” it’s already clear that the band has already violated this rule. Their sound is defined by simple chord progressions, occasional vocal tradeoffs, and a heavy dose of harmonies. Weiner is the primary voice, but the rest of the band gets involved frequently, often filling in the last line of refrain and adding an anthemic quality..."


"..These dudes are like the Gallo wine of punk rock. With the passing of time, they just get better and better. Orson Welles would be stoked. Great songs, cool song titles, and hummable melodies stock this record up to the brim..."


"..the Dopamines tap into a universal, young 20s, directionless state, drinking all night and being unemployed, and sneering in defence of world views and lifestyle choices that keep them doing just that. Paired with straightforward, bouncy, harmony-laden pop punk reminiscent of earlier Green Day.."

Idle and the Bear

"..The songs on this album are pretty much all perfect singalongs...there's no a single song I dislike and I think you'll feel the same way about it as I do. I'm pretty sure The Bear is one of the top listeners of theirs on She's a fangirl dork, though, so it's to be expected. The final track on this pop-punk splendor is a song about how awesome Jon Lewis's parents are for dealing with their too-cool son and him drinking their booze, taking their pills, and pissing in their sink. It's a pretty endearing song and he dedicated it to his parents (who were in the audience) at their CD release show for this album. I think the band might've been too drunk to remember this night at all, though.."


  1. You’d Make A Good Horsecop
  2. Public Domain
  3. My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Night Vision Goggles
  4. Cincinnati Harmony
  5. You Gotta Eat That Or Are You Straight Papers
  6. October 24th
  7. June 4th
  8. Dick Simmons
  9. Waking Up In The Monroe House With Cat Hair In My Mouth
  10. The Glendora House
  12. 3244
  13. It Really Couldn’t Be Any Other (We’ll Fuck You Like Superman)

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