Failures' Union - In What Way LP / CD / Digital
$3.00 - $12.00

  • Failures' Union - In What Way LP / CD / Digital

Failures' Union - In What Way LP / CD / Digital
$3.00 - $12.00

This is the order page for Failures' Union's In What Way LP. In the drop-down menu below, you can select to purchase either the 12" vinyl, CD or digital-only version of this record. All orders come with immediate digital download.

ThePunksite has to say about this record:

"....“College rock” has been thrown around quite liberally when describing Buffalo, NY’s Failures’ Union. And while the reference to washed up 90’s staples like The Gin Blossoms and The Lemonheads certainly has merit, I can’t help but feel that more recent trends help better explain the three-piece’s soft rock direction.

For starters, on their Paper + Plastick Records debut, In What Way,vocalist Tony Flamino carries a tune much like The Sidekicks’ vocalist Steve Smith’s conversational delivery. And considering that The Sidekicks have recently become trumpeted as one of the undergrounds’ most innovative pop-punk acts, I can’t help but think Failures’ Union is more than a mere echo of a past movement.

Instead, Failures’ Union blends the best of soft rock slanted indie with the lighthearted mentality of less obnoxious pop-punk acts. Tracks like “The New Walk Home” and “My Book” keep a steady pace, finding direction in simple, recognizable chords and mid-tempo arrangements. But then moments of brilliance surface during tracks like “Comb,” which features a bridge with a thoughtful, almost Look Mexico quality. Other instances of well-adapted comparisons help further the group’s draw. For example, “Hidden Song” slips in some sunny female vocals courtesy Angie Hart (who actually resides in Australia and emailed her contributions to the band), instantly drawing comparisons with fellow Buffalo indie trio Lemuria. Ultimately, In What Way consolidates a diverse set of innovative influences while never becoming consumed by any one of them...."


  1. Lake Erie Nosedive
  2. Hidden Song
  3. The Fall Man
  4. You Were Right
  5. Glasses
  6. Comb
  7. The New Walk Home
  8. Cubist Camo
  9. My Book
  10. Son
  11. The Best Liars

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