Guerrilla Monsoon - Big City Plans 10"
$10.00 - $18.00

  • Guerrilla Monsoon - Big City Plans 10

Guerrilla Monsoon - Big City Plans 10"
$10.00 - $18.00

This is the debut EP from the Birmingham based Guerilla Monsoon. Fresh off the back of their split release with Gameday Regulars, Big City Plans is an 8-track EP full of emo-tinged punk anthems. Having been a band for less than 12 months, GM tour constantly and they'll be swinging by Gainesville for Fest at the end of the month. Party.

Co-released with Beach Community on two 10" variants, your purchase comes with an immediate digital download of the record.

1. Flock the Nest
2. Big City Plans
3. Summer Romantics
4. Whisky and Wine
5. Good Grief
6. Open Letter
7. White Steps
8. Believers

Pressing Information

/300 - Black
/240 - Pistachio

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