Paper + Plastick's Road To Fest Compilation


Here are 10 tracks to get you ready for Gainesville's preeminent punk festival. All the songs are by bands on our label and that will be playing this year's Fest.

Brush up some of your favorites or check out a new band. The compilation is free and it doesn't bite so what're you waiting for, add this shit to your cart. And get ready to party with us down in Florida.

1. Aspiga – My Little Eraser
2. The Moms – Whiskey Showers
3. Guerrilla Monsoon – Big City Plans
4. The Shell Corporation – Maguire’s Plea
5. Junior Battles – Three Whole Years
6. And We Danced - She Makes Me/Breaks Me.
7. Red City Radio - Show Me On the Doll Where the Music Touched You
8. Pentimento – Just Friends
9. The Sky We Scrape – How We begin
10. Protagonist - The Stranger The Boy Became

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