Protagonist - The Chronicle (Digital Only)

  • Protagonist - The Chronicle (Digital Only)

Protagonist - The Chronicle (Digital Only)

This is the order page for the digital-only version of Protagonist's The Chronicle. Check out the album above and read more about it below.

Protagonist's new album, The Chronicle. Florida's Protagonist have released their new full length via Paper and Plastick. The record is titled The Chronicle and is their first since 2006. For fans of Strike Anywhere and Rise Against, this album is sure to keep you rocking into the new year!

"In a crowded niche of similar sounding hopefuls, it's easy to overlook Protagonist. But they really defy the average, and it's all thanks to the passion that drips like sweat from their songs." -


  1. Play Hard Play Fast Play Together
  2. Stargazers
  3. Light The Fuse
  4. 1095 Days
  5. Vampires Only Come Out At Midnight
  6. Tell Your Friends To Run
  7. Iamtheghost
  8. We Move Ahead
  9. Attack!
  10. From Florida To Philadelphia
  11. The Winter Fire
  12. Charge (The Chronicle)

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