J.M. Lansdowne- Free Download

  • J.M. Lansdowne- Free Download

J.M. Lansdowne- Free Download

This Arkansas native takes queues from legends like Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and Nick Cave and puts his own twist on it. Lansdowne cut his teeth on the road touring in other bands and is now hitting the road on his own sharing his personal tales of love and loss.

Since the transformation of Jordan-Morgan Lansdowne’s earlier days recording with 7 Spin/Sony and Autumn + Colour, Lansdowne has found himself amongst his peers, and at home to Gainesville, Florida’s Paper + Plastick Records.

JM has released several EPs and four full lengths and is gearing up to release a brand new EP, “June Letters,” exclusively on 10” Vinyl. The EP includes a few cameos such as Russ Rankin of Good Riddance / Only Crime.

It’s also been quoted that JM is at work on his new fifth full length record, Heartwreck. 
The release date for the album has not yet been issued as the album is still in its early writing stages — and is also being written between tour schedules.

Lansdowne is hard at work and goes straight for the heart with no room for weak metaphors.

Catch J.M. on the road this fall in the following cities :

9/18 Minneapolis, MN - Galactic Pizza
9/19 Milwaukee, WI - Art Bar
9/22 Madison, WI - The Brink Lounge
9/25 Chicago, IL - The Elbo Room
9/29 Three Oaks, MI - Acorn Theater
10/23 Chicago, IL - Reggie's Music Joint
10/29 Valparaiso, IN - Front Porch Music

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