The Red Owls- Do You Feel Any Better? CD/EP + Digital Download


The Red Owls came together in early 2015 after Sean-Paul Pillsworth (bass/vox) and Justin Meyer (drums) were recording demos for fun. Pillsworth and Meyer had played together in bands since 1998. After a week or so, John Collura (guitar) was called to ask if he'd also like to join the the writing process, Collura also grew up in the same Ulster/Orange County scene playing in a band called Beefcake before moving on to the Ataris. Once the band had tracked their debut EP, "Do You Feel Any Better?", the Owls knew they needed another guitarist to fill out the live shows. Mike Saffert formerly of Hidden in Plain View was called up, as Pillsworth and Meyer's previous band had a long friendship with Mike and Hidden in Plain View.This lineup completed The Red Owls.

"Do You Feel Any Better?" was tracked in Nada, Leaning Tree and the Lab on Orchard studios. It was then Mixed at the Blasting Room by Andrew Berlin. Everyone in the group had wanted to work with the Blasting Room after being lifelong fans of their production.

Available Packages:
--CD + Digital Download
(Digital- Will be available on October 2nd / CD- Will ship on October 30th.)
--Vinyl- Pre-order will begin on November 27th.

Track Listing:

1. Bad Advice
2. Do You Feel Any Better?
3. Party Lines
4. Chaser