The Sound of the Skull Series - I Like Allie - The Wounds You Leave


The Sound Of The Skull series incorporates digital music, limited resin skulls, and in this case, the slowly dying USB drive. The whole dabbling in different mediums of art, and presenting it to you is kind of our M.O., but, we still get just as excited to create new projects with other talented folks! We feel that this is a right mixture of digital and physical mediums, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

We are delighted to keep the ball rolling on this project and welcome I Like Allie to the series, as they release their debut EP, "The Wounds You Leave".

I Like Allie started out initially as Renato Treves' acoustic project. During this phase, he played many shows with artists such as Joe McMahon and Rocky Votolato. However, it became immediately clear that his songs were meant to be played loud. This is why in Fall 2014, I Like Allie became a band. Gio, Fra and Sandro joined I Like Allie, enriching its sound through the musical background acquired while playing in other bands such as Monumental, Teenage Gluesniffers and Low Dérive. The band spent 2015 in a practice space reworking songs and writing new ones. In February 2016 , the band entered the studio to record their first EP, "The Wounds You Leave". The EP is a mix of punk rock and emo, but with a very personal style deriving from the band member's different musical tastes. To promote the release of the record and to get I Like Allie's name out there, the band can't wait to hit the road and tour Italy, Europe, the UK, and North America. Expect more to come from I Like Allie because they have no intention of standing still.

Pressing Information

X30 Limited USB key and skull bundles

Track Listing:

1. Guerrero
2. Forever Gone
3. Personal Politics
4. They Didn't Charge Us for the Wine
5. Nemesi (Dean and Cindy Take a Break)