Paper + Plastick Presents: Road To Fest 15


We thought it would be fitting to choose tracks from our active and alumni bands who are playing Fest, and also feature jams from some of the titles that we released this year. So, if you can't physically be at FEST 15 this year, we hope this helps to ease your pain! 15 tracks from 15 rad bands to celebrate 15 years of FEST...and it's FREE!

Track Listing:

1. Blacklist Royals - No Looking Back
2. Aspiga- Wide Eyes
3. We Are the Union - Call in Dead
4. The Slackers - Truth Comes Knocking
5. After the Fall- Back and Forth
6. The Attack- Four of a Kind
7. Nightmares for a Week - Mr. Grimm
8. Protagonist - States
9. The Bennies - Party Machine
10. Textbook - Outside
11. A Wilhelm Scream - Skid Rock
12. Red City Radio - The Silence Between
13. Fallen From The Sky- Drifting
14. Coffee Project - Big Trouble in Little Gainesville
15. Andrew Paley - Come Home (Feat. The Lion And The Wolf)