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The track was recorded in Portland by the sonic architect of the ‘dirty reggae’ sound Brian Dixon. The track was then mixed in Brooklyn by Slacker guitarist Agent Jay Nugent.

About their contribution to the series, Dave Hillyard from The Slackers, said: “Brian (Dixon) told me that he just wanted to capture who we are in the studio“. No nonsense, no thrills just good old fashioned reggae soul. Dave goes on to say that “Brian set us up in the studio facing each other in a circle and we knocked through a bunch of original tunes. When we got through those, we played a coupe of covers that we have been doing for fun. We felt loose and comfortable and that easy feeling can be heard in the track“.

Also within the series are Obi Fernandez (label co-owner/Westbound Train), who covers the Descendents, and Anthony Raneri (Bayside) who covered Cliff Richards.