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The Paper + Plastick Digital subscription is dead but long live the Paper + Plastick Digital Subscription! What started out of the overload of great young bands sending links to music quickly launched into a weekly (most of the time) free music platform for up and coming bands to get some shine. Carefully curated and always free the subscription was great, great to be able to hear unknown (to us) bands, great to drop it right into your inbox, and great to help out bands and music in some small way.

Very much so P+P has become more than music, putting out more prints and toys than records these days, but still supporting both art and artists. It seemed like a change to the Digital Sub needed to happen so we tweaked the concept further and landed on "Art + Artifacts".

We will be not only showcasing music but artists we love, record stores we frequent, must see tattoo shops, breweries or gallery spaces around the world, curated not only by us but by you as well.

I'm very excited to start the process, hopefully you are as well.

- Vinnie