"Well here we are again. Another piece of extravagant artwork and another paragraph describing how happy we are it exists! For starters: this is our first full length record (full length meaning it's twice the amount of songs as our first EP "Never Punt" but only about ten minutes longer 'cause fuck you.) A lot of love and money went into this pile you're holding and we just want to say a hardy "THANK YOU, DUDES!"
Seriously, this is cool.

Now on to the brass tacks: This album was recorded, mixed and tasty-fied by Justin Yates at Atlas Studio in Chicago; Collin Jordan polished this turd -mastered the record- at Boiler Room Mastering in Chicago. All songs were written by Devon Kay & the Solutions (except Decemberween. We had some help from Doug Yamate.)
The cacophony of voices you hear yelling in the background of every song: Jordan Tressler, John Ambrose, Zach White, Jake Biniszkiewicz, Salvador Lopez, Alexandra Pinheiro, Jorie Moore, Kendra Sheetz, Jeff Fujiu (has screamed on every recording to date) and of course, honorary fourth member and absolute star of the show, Alexander Thadeus Freeman.
Special thanks include: Practice Room 5 (Huff! Two Houses and The Fur Coats) Marc Ruvolo, Direct Hit! The Headies, Sean Gerler, Harrison Pious, Emma Kershaw, Jorie Moore, Kasper Keen, Dan Wallach and anyone else I may have forgotten while writing this in haste.
Devon Kay & the Solutions is:
Devon Kay - Guitar
Campy - Bass
Ryan Solava - Drums "

Pressing Information

released October 1, 2013