"All right; gather round idiots,
here's where we pass out thank you after thank you to all the people that have made this band possible. First off, we want to thank Dan "Walnuts" Wallach for fronting the money to produce the pristine cut of wax you are holding in your hand. If it wasn't for him and his endless pockets of love (and money) this wouldn't be here making your life better. We want to thank Marc Ruvolo for giving us a shot and letting us use all of his equipment with minimal whining. Once again, to Erik Rassumbausm at Observatory Studios for making this joint fucking flame! We want to thank Harrison Pious and Harrison Bourbon for wasting money on a shitty punk band in a time of economic turmoil... ohfuckyea.
And last but not least, we want to thank Jody Casden for making the sheet of paper you are holding into art.
Honorable Mentions:
Cooper Link, Alex Freeman, Tess Thomson (and her car), our families, Dane Erbach, Steven Matview and,, Salvador Lopez (mainly his phone... and drugs), Bruce Campbell, Direct Hit!, Farraday, Everyone who donated on Kickstarter, The Ambulance Review, Jake Biniszkiewicz, The Fur Coats, The Rememberwhens, Tricia Small, Amy Russell, Julia Ambrozek, Jorie Moore, and anyone else that feels they deserve thanks."

Pressing Information

released June 9, 2012