Senior Discount “The Best Revenge”

  • Senior Discount “The Best Revenge”
  • Senior Discount “The Best Revenge”

Senior Discount “The Best Revenge”

Senior Discount has played hundreds of rollicking punk rock shows on the East Coast. They've played with such acts as Sum 41, Anti-Flag, Gym Class Heroes, Less Than Jake, The Ataris, Streetlight Manifesto, and many many more.

Their first album "There Were Four Who Tried", has gotten positive reviews from all over the US (and internationally), including very positive reviews from Maximum Rock N Roll (CA), which boasted, "These guys can rock and scream….a strong full-length," and the revered, which stated "The band really acts out their emotions….Every track from the album is an anthem to punk rock's principles." Our second release ("And That's Goodbye...") received the comment "These guys slay on record and live!" from mash-up DJ sensation Girl Talk.

They also focus heavily on film production to promote for their shows and releases. Their one full-length film ("VBW Attack: The Senior Discount Movie") was reviewed by The Noise (Boston) which reported "...let's just say that this DVD is gold and that the band, and those with them, have some mighty winds at their sails." The national television network G4 has bought and aired footage from the film. Lead singer Chuck Staton now works on film projects with Walt and Bryan from Comic Book Men and Brian Quinn from Impractical Jokers, for their podcast Tell 'Em Steve-Dave, which has featured Senior Discount songs on numerous episodes and projects.

Chuck also started "The Chuck and Brad Podcast" in 2009, which focuses heavily on Senior Discount and the artists surrounding the band in Providence, RI. Along with regional artists from the area, musicians from Bowling For Soup and Reel Big Fish and more have appeared on the podcast for in-depth, in-person interviews. Tsunami Bomb, The Homeless Gospel Choir, JT Habersaat, Casey Jost (Impractical Jokers) and Jeff Tremaine (director of the Jackass movies) have also appeared on the podcast.

1. A Fistful of Discount
2. Never Say Forever!
3. Cindy
4. Smile
5. Nothing's Left
6. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
7. Afterlife
8. Explode Rhode Island
9. Ataxia
10. Three Little Birds
11. I'm Crazy (Live and Revived)
12. Afterlife (Acoustic)

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