Low Spirits



The beginning comes from the ending sometimes. The LOW SPIRITS were born out of ghosts of the past, always present in both of the lives of Vincent Fiorello and JM Lansdowne. Looking back to broken families, addictions and lost connections, a musical connection was made between the two. Pairing the lyrics of Fiorello, longtime drummer and lyricist for LESS THAN JAKE, and the music and vocals of JM LANSDOWNE. Working though the some of the ideas, started to exorcise some of the ghosts and the musical connection started to solidify into songs and more ideas. Floating in between genres but always paying homage to past ghosts.

When it’s all said and done, there’s a moment of clarity for everyone. How did you make the most of what you did while you walked this earth? I had read about a nurse who heard and overheard the regrets of people who were about to pass and the common theme was the wish to have been there more; in the present, enjoying family and friends, and not taking for granted the life they were given. “ A Father’s Forgiveness Song “ grapples with the end and was everything worth it. Stress, overwork, and believing in something more after the chapter closes.

Pressing Information

Low Spirits Bundle:

- High Quality Of Low Spirits “ A Father’s Forgiveness Song “

- 6x6 Signed, Numbered ,and Embossed Digital print of any ghost art of your choosing (use notes section to choose please)

- 6x6 handwritten lyrics