Hellmouth - Gravestone Skylines LP

  • Hellmouth - Gravestone Skylines LP

Hellmouth - Gravestone Skylines LP

This LP comes with an immediate digital download.

The 2010 P+P full length debut from Detroit's Hellmouth featuring Jay Navarro, of The Suicide Machines. Fuck Armageddon...this is Hellmouth.

SUPER LIMITED EDITION BIBLE ASH LP! Hellmouth burned a Bible from the 1800s and we pressed the ash into vinyl. Only 33 of these!

Thepunksite.com said "All in all, Gravestone Skylines makes for a solid listen unique amongst the Paper + Plastick family that fans of thrash-punk and metal should find worth their time," about "Gravestone Skylines."


  1. Funeral Drenched
  2. Desperate & Violent
  3. Resist Control
  4. Hands Like Spiders
  5. The Sun Is Dying
  6. Amen, Assholes
  7. Spitting Blood & Teeth
  8. Concieved of Shit
  9. Valley Of Armageddon
  10. Tragedy of the City
  11. Exodus
  12. Lions
  13. Vultures & Crows
  14. The Calling - Part 1
  15. The Calling - Part 2

Pressing Information

333 Red/Yellow/Orange Mix
333 White
33 Bible Ash

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