Blowfuse "Daily Ritual"
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Blowfuse "Daily Ritual"
$12.00 - $15.00

Blowfuse is a punk rock band that emerged 2013 in Barcelona, Catalunya. Inspired by a wide range of music styles, such as punk, rock, hardcore, grunge, and funk, and marked by a frenetic and dissatisfied generation, Blowfuse reaches to create a unique sound and their own way of expression that leaves nobody indifferent. Catchy but straight, melodic but furious, sharp but groovy...a great recipe that always tastes new.

Daily Ritual Track List
1. Dreams
2. Bad Thoughts
3. Angry John
4. Grand Golden Boy
5. Outta My Head
6. So Long My Friends
7. Sunny Daze
8. Change Your Mind
9. A Thousand Miles
10. Right Before Your Eyes
11. Hit The Ground

Pressing Information

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Vinyl includes a digital download code for the album.
Album Release Date is February 8th 2019

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