Rival Town "Useless Hands" CD

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Rival Town "Useless Hands" CD

Rival Town is a 5 piece pop punk/post hardcore band from from St. Catharines Ontario Canada. Fans of Rival Town are often divided on how to describe their sound. From pounding heavy drums/chunky guitars, to soft resonating emotional vocals, they’ve truly found their own sound. Accompanied by an in-your-face energetic live show, the band quickly found a following in their 4 year stretch.

Originally hailing from the northern shores of Lake Superior, the band found each other in Thunder Bay Ontario. With an eagerness to hit the scene running, they quickly signed with independent record label Manic Kat Records from New Jersey for a couple years.

In the fall of 2016, the band moved to Southern Ontario to be more competitive in the Canadian music scene. They’ve been constantly touring, performing and pushing new material since. The bands original lead singer Cary Hanson parted ways the group in the fall of 2016. Shortly after, Mike Julian (originally of Falset) joined the band and brought with him a fresh new voice for Rival Town.

With the highly anticipated new album “Useless Hands”, the band wanted to try something a different from their standard sound. “We’re not the same people we were when the band started and circumstances in our lives has definitely contributed to our new sound. We’ve learned that life isn’t always a guarantee and we feel that message is conveyed a lot in our new music” says guitarist Bryce. With a heavier direction, the band counties to push their boundaries as musicians and friends and feel this is their best material yet.

The band recently signed with brand new record label Lost Music Collective in the summer of 2019.


Album: Useless Hands
Release Date: OCT 4th 2019

1. The Room Was Quiet
2. Useless Hands
3. Castaways
4. Hide
5. Soaring On
6. Bridges
7. A New Normal
8. Movement

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