Sun-O-Bathers "Floater" 12 Inch Vinyl + Digital Download

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Sun-O-Bathers "Floater" 12 Inch Vinyl + Digital Download
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"..That winning formula for Sun-0-Bathers is straightforward 90’s skatepunk. Summer is the best time for releases of this type in my opinion, so, again, their timing is brilliant (Local Warming was released late spring 2018)..."

This time around we get slightly more songs. Seven to be precise. If you are now checking the track-list of Local Warming: that EP had an intro and outro. Those don’t really count as full on tracks. Floaters' closing track “Hate The Shade” could be considered as an outro, but with it's two minute runtime it would not do it justice regarding it as such. It is something of an experiment for the band it seems to me. Instead of the usual Epitaph-bands inspired tracks this is pure surf music. I dig it and feel that it adds to the summer-vibe I get from this album.

Check out “Overtime” from this EP and “Scott Radinsky” from Local Warming. I think you’ll understand what I am talking about. However, that is no big deal as far as I am concerned...'

Split release - Morning Wood Records/Thousand Islands Records/Paper + Plastick 2020

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