A Free Three Way Label Sampler From P+P, Anchor Eighty Four, & Lost

  • A Free Three Way Label Sampler From P+P, Anchor Eighty Four, & Lost

A Free Three Way Label Sampler From P+P, Anchor Eighty Four, & Lost


1. The Inevitables – “More Tomorrows”

2. Rutterkin – “Mortuary”

3. Protagonist – “Totally Fucked”

4. After The Fall – “No Resolve” feat. Tim McIlrath

5. Sunliner – “Average At Best”


6. Dear Youth - "Who You Are"

7. Alone I Walk - "Try My Best"

8. Church Girls - "The Haunt"

9. Big Smile - "Killdozer"

10. Slowtrip - "Fold and Run"


11. Goalkeeper - “Happy”

12. Rival Town - “Swear Jar”

13. Yearbooks - “Falling Backwards”

14. Rematch - “Live a little”

15. When The Sun Sets – “Ceiling”

Paper + Plastick:

"Paper and plastic are the source materials of my releases, if you think about it, prints and books are the paper side, while vinyl records and toys are the plastic side. It's a simple and to-the-point concept. First and foremost, the world has enough labels signing pop bands, Paper and Plastick doesn't need to since it will focus on the visual side of music - collector vinyl, vinyl toys, limited edition art prints, books, and most importantly, bands I love and respect. When a label is small, it can focus on projects and not have to mobilize a dozen or so people. There are so many bands that I run into nowadays that seem to be in this vacuum of modern music, far away from modern music, not wanting to sign to a major and tired of self-releasing. It's those bands, from old friends and new friends, whose music we release."

Anchor Eighty Four Records:

Anchor Eighty Four Records is an independent pop-punk/alternative label created in 2010 out of the starry eyed city of Los Angeles by California native Cody Jones. Founded on the vision of helping rad-ass bands develop and grow beyond their home towns, Anchor has seen the rise of bands like Dear Youth, Southpaw, Heart to Heart, Grayscale and many more transcend from their humble yet exciting living room shows to sold out venues and prominent festivals. As the label continues to learn and grow, Anchor Eighty Four’s mission is simply to always work for the artist to make their vision come true and to put out music we love and believe in.

Lost Music Collective:

A musical reminder dedicated to all the young upstarts and the unknown bands doing it for all the right reasons, music that's been copied onto cassette tapes and burned into CDRs, demos pressed into vinyl records with xerox copied covers, music given out free or hustled for a few dollars to pay for gas in the van,Links to music scrawled onto walls across cities, bands bashing there way through sweaty hall shows then Driving across country when it wasn't been so easy to connect with anyone except through music.

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