Rust Belt Lights - These Are The Good Old Days (Digital - MP3 or FLAC)

About say about the release :
"....Do you remember the Movielife? Mildly popular melodic hardcore from Long Island who, over a six-year period, released some great records and toured a lot before calling it a day, possibly due to the fact that they weren't really "making it" as they might have felt--as I do--they deserved? Well, I am convinced that the Movielife are back, but now they’re plying their trade under the name Rust Belt Lights and it appears they've recorded an album that would fit firmly in between This Time Next Year and Forty Hour Train Back to Penn [...ignoring Has a Gambling Problem, I suppose - Ed.].

Does that sound like I’m having a dig at Rust Belt Lights, a five-piece (just like the Movielife!) from Buffalo, N.Y. (New York, just like...!)? Well, I’m not. This album of a dozen songs provides a consistent journey from start to finish, featuring tunes with good vocals (both individual and group), a really strong guitar song and a rhythm section that provides an unwavering backbone to the aforementioned elements...."