50 States #1 - Less Than Jake (Webcomic)


Matt Anderson is a comic book writer who has worked on such well known properties as: Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, and Richie Rich. His creator-owned science fiction series, White Picket Fences is scheduled to return as an ongoing series in August 2011 from Ape Entertainment. Matt also has a bunch of projects that have not been announced yet,
but if you want to write to him at mattwritescomics@gmail.com – he’ll probably tell you all about them!

Matt Jordan is an artist from the Chicago suburbs, and currently works as a motion graphics animator/compositor and also a private art instructor. In addition to art on 50 States, Matt is also collaborating with Matt Anderson on Hometown Hero, a comic book mini-series they're hoping to tell everyone more about real soon! To see more of Matt's art, visit his blog at http://mattjordan03.blogspot.com/