Paper + Plastick Digital Subscription Compilation

  • Paper + Plastick Digital Subscription Compilation

Paper + Plastick Digital Subscription Compilation

So it's been 1 year since we started our weekly Digital Subscription Series and we couldn't be more stoked about how it's gone so far. As many of you are already aware, each week we send out a song or a few, sometimes a whole album, which gets delivered directly to your inbox. All you have to do is click a button and voilá, you just got yourself some free music.

Over this past year, we've featured some awesome music by a bunch of great artists and we, being the kind and loving people we are, wanted to give everyone a chance to get it all. So whether you signed up late and missed the first few issues or are just hearing about it now; or shit, even if you signed up at the very beginning, got every issue but want everything neatly organized, this compilation is the perfect thing for you.

And if you haven't subscribed to our Digital Subscription, why not give it a test run? You can back out at any time, it's hassle free, and actually free. To subscribe, just enter your email in the widget up there^^^.

NOTE: You will not be subscribed just because you downloaded this compilation.

What you get with the download: high-res MP3s of one song per artist featured as well as high-res art. The track listing is in the order that the songs were featured and is as follows:

1. Brother Brother - Flatfoot 56
2. Hellbound & Helpless - We Are The Union
3. Old Chokes - Frameworks
4. Two Years - The Braces
5. The Color of Your Voice - Obi Fernandez
6. Flesh and Bone - Russ Rankin
7. Today's Top Story (Bonus Track) - The Sky We Scrape
8. The Reason - The Attack
9. Don't Die On Me Now - Hostage Calm
10. Put Myself Together - Light Years
11. Help Save The Youth Of America From Exploding (Cover) - Red City Radio
12. Dollar Menu Date Night (feat. Chris Fogal of Gamits) - The JV Allstars
13. Sameless Master - Paper Dolls
14. Breakfast For Dinner (Sometimes) - Bummers
15. Heartstrings - Martin
16. The Sinking of The S.S. Git Some - Caulfield Rebellion
17. Van Envy - Caseracer
18. Doing Business - Casual
19. I'm Too Rough - The Headies
20. Play Hard Play Fast Play Together - Protagonist
21. Don't Die - Nightmares For A Week
22. No No Song - Jaya The Cat
23. The Pond - Among Giants
24. Domo Arigato - You Vandal
25. Surf City - Sexx
26. Welcome To The Sympathy Party - Aspiga
27. Shit Tattoos - Big D & The Kids Table
28. Haunted Haus - Rose Cross
29. Magnetic Personality - Houdini's Liquor Cabinet
30. Any Minute Now... - Pentimento
31. Sunstroke - Less Than Jake
32. Vagabond Christmas Song (feat. Red City Radio) (Acoustic) - Blacklist Royals
33. I'm Working Retail for Christmas - Reed Wolcott
34. Seventeen - Junior Battles
35. Sleeping Softly - Jr. Juggernaut
36. Blow Me - The Moms

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