Doc Hammer "Neon Devil" CD / Digital Download
$5.00 - $8.00

  • Doc Hammer

Doc Hammer "Neon Devil" CD / Digital Download
$5.00 - $8.00

Here's a pretty spot on run down from METALNOISE.NET:

"..San Diego Hardcore Punks Doc Hammer have returned with “Neon Devil”, 12 songs to inspire some serious drinking! The opening 10 seconds of it might make you think you’re listening to a classic rock release from Aerosmith or something before it bursts into life like a Motorcycle hitting the freeway and letting the throttle out. “Hevy Drugz” is a blistering 55 seconds of rocket fuel that sets alight the blue touch paper and even throws in a solid breakdown mid-song. “Vamparty Diaries” takes the storytelling wordy lyrics of Everytime I Die vocalist Keith Buckley and goes toe to toe with the genre pioneers to describe the party animal lifestyle of excess while taking a moment to quote “All My Life” by the Foo Fighters with “Done done and I’m on to the next one” changed to “No tomorrow and it’s on to the next one” repeated in style. The false ending bringing things back for an extended breakdown section and repeat line is like another track within the tune. “Wet Money” is a sub two minute burst of upbeat finger pointing that has the sing-a-long ability of the finer Cancer Bats tunes while “F.I.T.BA.P.” slows things down for some staccato riffage and quirky Alternative Rock tones that wouldn’t be out of place if they were conjured by Josh Homme. The slightly slurred vocals calling for self medication are wonderfully unhinged..."

Track listing

1. Hevy Drugz
2. Vamparty Diaries
3. Wet $$$
4. F.I.T.BA.P.
5. Comanche Crew Cut
6. Race Riot
7. Borders
8. Finish Line Frenzy
9. Winter Girlfriends
10. Funder
11. Borrowed Time
12. Spit The Claw